So I'm back in Rwanda with Visiting Orphans. We are hanging out with orphans in a couple of new places and in a couple of orphanages we visited on my last trip. It has been a great experience to be back. The key words are "be back". When you go on such a trip, you pray that you can make an impact and do something to make a difference or at least plant a seed that someone else can reap the fruit from. Today I witnessed... make that experienced... the reason why I "Go" and then "Go Again". In 2011 I visited the Noel Orphanage near Gisenyi, Rwanda with Visiting Orphans and met a 15 year old blind boy named Jean da la Corixb. On that trip he challenged my intent when going onto the mission field and it has made me a better person. At least I pray it has.

Today, we returned to Noel. Less than a minute after getting off the bus, I noticed Jean coming to the bus. As he came closer, I said his name, hugged him, and said my name in his ear. His response was indescribable. To say the least, it was one of joy, tears and love. It was an emotional moment that I knew would be special. It also proved the importance of "Going Again". We always struggle with thoughts of how to go on the mission field, why we go or even worse, being asked by someone who has never been called to GO, "Why do you go to Africa? Can't you help someone in the United States?" Imagine the dismay when you tell them you're going back second time. I no long have to defend the reasons why I GO and then GO AGAIN. I only have to say Jean da la Corixb.

James 1:27